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Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Embark on your next adventure with confidence, knowing that AC&D Insurance has your back. Our specialized off road vehicle insurance policies offer comprehensive protection for your ATV, Dirt Bike, or Snowmobile. Whether you’re hitting the local Coquitlam Trails or exploring the BC Backcountry, we’ll ensure you're covered every step of the way.

Important Information As of November 2015, all Off Road Vehicle Owners must register their vehicles with ICBC if they operate on a highway or crown land. Liability coverage is mandatory on all BC Forest Service Roads. If you use your vehicle on or to cross a highway you must also purchase ICBC Basic Liability.Our Team can assist with the entire registration and insurance process.

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Off Road Vehicle Insurance Features

Insuring Off Road Vehicles requires special handling as insurance requirements differ depending on where you ride. Our experienced team at AC&D Insurance will help with all of your off road vehicle registration and insurance needs. We offer a range of ICBC and Private insurer options with features such as:

Highway Crossing Liability

Available through ICBC, this provides basic and extended liability for property damage or injury caused while operating your off road vehicle on a road, such as road crossing or parking lot. Get tailored ATV insurance that covers physical damage, accident benefits, and third-party liability. Enjoy the trails knowing your vehicle is protected.

Off Road Liability

Provides liability for property damage or injury caused while operating your off road vehicle in off road areas such as forest service roads and crown land.

Own Damage Coverage

Protects your Off Road Vehicle against a range of perils including Collision, Fire, Theft, Falling Trees, and Vandalism.

Accident Benefits

Provides extended injury and medical benefits if you are insured while operating your off road vehicle.

Riding Gear Coverage

Your safety gear is essential. Our policies can cover helmets, boots, and other critical riding gear against damage or theft.

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Why Choose AC&D Insurance for your Insurance Needs?

At AC&D Insurance Brokers, we understand the unique insurance needs of Coquitlam residents. Committed to providing personalized service and comprehensive coverage options, we strive to ensure that your home insurance delivers exceptional protection and peace of mind under any circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Have questions about offroad vehicle insurance? We've compiled some common inquiries to help you understand your coverage options. For more detailed information, please consult with our brokers.

How Much is Off Road Vehicle Insurance?

On or Off Road Liability policies start as low as $60 per year. If you wish to insure your off road vehicle for “Own Damage”, standard premiums are normally around $300 to $500 per year. Various factors such as the year, make, model of the vehicle, the experience of the rider, and amount of coverage all affect the insurance cost.

Is Off Road Insurance for ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, and Snowmobiles Mandatory?

Liability Insurance is mandatory if you operate your off road vehicle in parking lots, roadways, or forest service roads. If you are caught without insurance, you may be ticketed or have your off road vehicle impounded by law enforcement.

Do I need to register my off road vehicle?

You must register your off road vehicle if you operate on any public land or road. Registering your vehicle helps maintain a proper record of ownership and simplifies selling or purchasing off road vehicles.

What types of offroad vehicles do you insure?

We insure a variety of offroad vehicles, including ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiles, Side by Sides, and more!

Can I get insurance for my riding gear?

Yes, our policies can cover your essential riding gear, including helmets and protective clothing. Discuss your needs with our brokers to ensure your gear is protected.

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We understand that dealing with an insurance claim can be a stressful experience. At AC&D Insurance, we are here to guide you through the process and make it as smooth as possible. Our dedicated claims team is available to assist you every step of the way.

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