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Insurance Services Offered by AC&D Insurance

At AC&D Insurance, we are dedicated to providing tailored insurance solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers.

Insurance Services

Auto Insurance

Navigate the roads of Port Coquitlam with confidence, knowing you're protected with our comprehensive auto insurance policies. We offer a range of coverage options from ICBC and other private carriers

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Home Insurance

Your home is your sanctuary, and our home insurance policies are designed to keep it that way. We offer protection for your home and its contents against a variety of risks, including fire, theft, flood, and other natural disasters

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Business Insurance

Secure your business with our customized business insurance solutions. From general liability, to property and professional liability, we support all sized  businesses with policies that address the unique risks of operating in Port Coquitlam and across BC.

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Tenant Insurance

Renting in Port Coquitlam? Protect your personal belongings and liability with our tenant insurance. This affordable coverage is essential for renters, providing a safety net for your possessions and peace of mind in your rented home.

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Condo/Townhome Insurance

Whether you own a condo or a townhouse, we have the right insurance to fit your lifestyle. Our condo policies cover your personal belongings and interior elements, while offering protection from strata related assessments.

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Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Set sail on local waters with our boat and watercraft insurance. We offer coverage for damage, theft, and liability, ensuring you can enjoy your time on the water without worry

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Rented Properties

Whether you own a single rental home or multiple investment condo properties, Poco Insurance provides tailored insurance solutions in Port Coquitlam to protect your assets, ensuring peace of mind for both landlords and investors.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you’re riding around Port Coquitlam, or across Canada, Embark on every ride with confidence, knowing Poco Insurance has your back. We know how much your Motorcycle means to you, so we’ve partnered with several insurers to provide private motorcycle coverage that ICBC cannot match.

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Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Embark on your next adventure with confidence, knowing that Poco Insurance has your back. Our specialized off road vehicle insurance policies offer comprehensive protection for your ATV, Dirt Bike, or Snowmobile whether you’re hitting the local Coquitlam Trails or hunting in BC Backcountry, we’ll  ensure you're covered every step of the way.

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RV & Travel Trailer Insurance

Embark on your adventures with confidence, knowing that Poco Insurance has got your recreational vehicle covered. Whether you're exploring British Columbia or setting off on cross-country escapades, our tailored RV, Motorhome, Travel Trailer, and Camper insurance policies provide the protection you need for a worry-free journey.

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Travel Insurance

Before you pack your bags to go on your next out-of-province trip, make sure you have purchased the appropriate Travel Insurance to keep you safe, away from home. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a sudden illness or medical emergency can put a damper on your trip.

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Life Insurance

As a member of the InsureBC Group, we partner with a team of specialized, Port Coquitlam based, life insurance brokers who offer personalized advice and robust insurance options to protect you and your loved ones.

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Speciality Products & Services

Our range of specialized coverages includes Umbrella Liability for extended protection, Earthquake Deductible Buy Back for financial peace during seismic events, and unique offerings like Glass Breakage coverage and Excess Strata Deductible Assessment Coverage. Whether mitigating claim impacts with our Deductible Reimbursement Policy or safeguarding your special events with our Special Event Liability insurance, we ensure comprehensive coverage for all unique aspects of your life.

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Farm Insurance

Poco Insurance offers specialized farm insurance designed to keep your agricultural endeavors thriving. Understanding the intricacies of both large-scale dairy farms and small hobby farms, we provide custom-tailored insurance solutions. Our coverage is crafted to protect your agricultural legacy from the unpredictable elements of nature, assuring you can focus on your farm's growth with peace of mind.

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